Stagecoach (John Ford)


Drums Along the Mohawk (John Ford)
Love Affair (Leo McCarey)
Only Angels Have Wings (Howard Hawks)
The Roaring Twenties (Raoul Walsh)
The Rules of the Game (Jean Renoir)
The Spy in Black (Michael Powell)
Stagecoach (John Ford)
The Story of the Late Chrysanthemums (Kenji Mizoguchi)
When Tomorrow Comes (John M. Stahl)
The Women (George Cukor)
Young Mr. Lincoln (John Ford)

5th Ave Girl (Gregory La Cava)
Allegheny Uprising (William A. Seiter)
Another Thin Man (W.S. Van Dyke)
Bachelor Mother (Garson Kanin)
Back Door to Heaven (William K. Howard)
Beau Geste (William A. Wellman)
Buck Rogers (Ford Beebe and Saul A. Goodkind)
The Cat and the Canary (Elliott Nugent)
Daredevils of the Red Circle (John English and William Witney)
Destry Rides Again (George Marshall)
Dick Tracy’s G-Men (John English and William Witney)
Disputed Passage (Frank Borzage)
Dodge City (Michael Curtiz)
La fin du jour (Julien Duvivier)
Five Came Back (John Farrow)
The Four Feathers (Zoltan Korda)
Frontier Marshal (Allan Dwan)
Golden Boy (Rouben Mamoulian)
The Hunchback of Notre Dame (William Dieterle)
Le jour se lève (Marcel Carne)
Let Us Live (John Brahm)
The Man in the Iron Mask (James Whale)
Midnight (Mitchell Leisen)
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (Frank Capra)
My Apprenticeship (Mark Donskoy)
Ninotchka (Ernst Lubitsch)
The Old Maid (Edmund Goulding)
Q Planes (Tim Whelan and Arthur B. Woods)
Union Pacific (Cecil B. DeMille)
The Whole Family Works (Mikio Naruse)
Zorro’s Fighting Legion (John English and William Witney)

Jamaica Inn (Alfred Hitchcock)

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Alfred Werker)
Charlie Chan at Treasure Island (Norman Foster)
Charlie Chan in Reno (Norman Foster)
Singing Lovebirds (Masahiro Makino)


Alexander Nevsky (Sergei Eisenstein)
La bete humaine (Jean Renoir)
Bringing Up Baby (Howard Hawks)
Holiday (George Cukor)
The Lady Vanishes (Alfred Hitchcock)
Olympia (Leni Riefenshahl)
Porky in Wackyland (Robert Clampett)
Three Comrades (Frank Borzage)
You and Me (Fritz Lang)

The Baker’s Wife (Marcel Pagnol)
The Beachcomber (Erich Pommer)
Block-Heads (John G. Blystone)
Bluebeard’s Eighth Wife (Ernst Lubitsch)
The Childhood of Maxim Gorky (Mark Donskoi)
The Citadel (King Vidor)
The Dawn Patrol (Edmund Goulding)
Dick Tracy Returns (John English and William Witney)
The Drum (Zoltan Korda)
Four Men and a Prayer (John Ford)
The Great Waltz (Julien Duvivier)
J’accuse! (Abel Gance)
Jezebel (William Wyler)
King of Alcatraz (Robert Florey)
The Lone Ranger (John English and William Witney)
The Mad Miss Manton (Leigh Jason)
Marie Antoinette (W. S. Van Dyke)
La Marseillaise (Jean Renoir)
The Masseurs and a Woman (Hiroshi Shimizu)
Quadrille (Sacha Guitry)
Le quai des brumes (Marcel Carné)
Le roman de Werther (Max Ophuls)
Remontons les Champs-Elysees (Sacha Guitry)
Shanghai Drama (G.W. Pabst)
The Shining Hour (Frank Borzage)
Song of the Scarlet Flower (Teuvo Tulio)
Spawn of the North (Henry Hathaway)
Submarine Patrol (John Ford)
Suez (Allan Dwan)
Test Pilot (Victor Fleming)

The Buccaneer (Cecil B. DeMille)
Hôtel du Nord (Marcel Carne)
Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm (Allan Dwan)

Flash Gordon’s Trip to Mars (Ford Beebe and Robert Hill)


Angel (Ernst Lubitsch)
The Awful Truth (Leo McCarey)
Easy Living (Mitchell Leisen)
Grand Illusion (Jean Renoir)
Gueule d’amour (Jean Gremillon)
The Great Garrick (James Whale)
Green Fields (Edgar G. Ulmer and Jacob Ben-Ami)
History Is Made at Night (Frank Borzage)
Humanity and Paper Balloons (Sadao Yamanaka)
Make Way for Tomorrow (Leo McCarey)
Les perles de la couronne (Sacha Guitry)
Stage Door (Gregory La Cava)
Young and Innocent (Alfred Hitchcock)
You Only Live Once (Fritz Lang)

Drôle de drame (Marcel Carne)
Un carnet de bal (Julien Duvivier)
Confession (Joe May)
The Edge of the World (Michael Powell)
The Hurricane (John Ford)
Internes Can’t Take Money (Alfred Santell)
Kid Galahad (Michael Curtiz)
Mannequin (Frank Borzage)
Nothing Sacred (William Wellman)
An Optical Poem (Oskar Fischinger)
Pepe le Moko (Julien Duvivier)
Popeye the Sailor Meets Ali Baba’s Forty Thieves (Dave Fleischer)
The Prisoner of Zenda (John Cromwell)
Shall We Dance (Mark Sandrich)
Slave Ship (Tay Garnett)
Something to Sing About (Victor Schertzinger)
The Spanish Earth (Joris Ivens)
A Star Is Born (William A. Wellman)
Stella Dallas (King Vidor)
Street Angel (Yuan Mu-jih)
Swing High, Swing Low (Mitchell Leisen)
The Thirteen (Mikhail Romm)
Virginity (Otakar Vavra)
Way Out West (James W. Horne)
Wee Willie Winkie (John Ford)
What Did the Lady Forget? (Yasujiro Ozu)
The Young (Shiro Toyoda)

Black Legion (Archie L. Mayo)
Captains Courageous (Victor Fleming)
The Life of Emile Zola (William Dieterle)

Ever Since Eve (Lloyd Bacon)
Marked Woman (Lloyd Bacon and Michael Curtiz)
Souls at Sea (Henry Hathaway)
They Won’t Forget (Mervyn LeRoy)
True Confession (Wesley Ruggles)


By the Bluest of Seas (Boris Barnet)
Camille (George Cukor)
Ceiling Zero (Howard Hawks)
The Crime of Monsieur Lange (Jean Renoir)
A Day in the Country (Jean Renoir)
Dodsworth (William Wyler)
Fury (Fritz Lang)
Mary of Scotland (John Ford)
Modern Times (Charlie Chaplin)
My Man Godfrey (Gregory La Cava)
The Only Son (Yasojiro Ozu)
Osaka Elegy (Kenji Mizoguchi)
The Prisoner of Shark Island (John Ford)
The Road to Glory (Howard Hawks)
Rose Hobart (Joseph Cornell)
Sabotage (Alfred Hitchcock)
Sisters of the Gion (Kenji Mizoguchi)
Story of a Cheat (Sacha Guitry)

After the Thin Man (W.S. Van Dyke)
Arigato-san (Hiroshi Shimizu)
Big Brown Eyes (Raoul Walsh)
Cesar (Marcel Pagnol)
The Charge of the Light Brigade (Michael Curtiz)
Come and Get It (Howard Hawks and William Wyler)
Craig’s Wife (Dorothy Arzner)
Desire (Frank Borzage)
The Devil-Doll (Tod Browning)
Faisons un reve (Sacha Guitry)
Follow the Fleet (Mark Sandrich)
It’s Love Again (Victor Saville)
Libeled Lady (Jack Conway)
The Lower Depths (Jean Renoir)
The Man Who Could Work Miracles (Lothar Mendes)
Mon pere avait raison (Sacha Guitry)
The Milky Way (Leo McCarey)
The Only Son (Yasujiro Ozu)
The Plainsman (Cecil B. DeMille)
Popeye the Sailor Meets Sindbad the Sailor (Dave Fleischer)
Rembrandt (Alexander Korda)
Romeo and Juliet (George Cukor)
Schlußakkord (Douglas Sirk)
Secret Agent (Alfred Hitchcock)
Show Boat (James Whale)
Stowaway (William A. Seiter)
Swing Time (George Stevens)
The Texas Rangers (King Vidor)
These Three (William Wyler)
They Were Five (Julien Duvivier)
Things to Come (William Cameron Menzies)
The Trail of the Lonesome Pine (Henry Hathaway)

Bullets or Ballots (William Keighley)
The Garden of Allah (Richard Boleslawski)
The Story of Louis Pasteur (William Dieterle)
Theodora Goes Wild (Richard Boleslawski)

Cain and Mabel (Lloyd Bacon)
Charlie Chan at the Race Track (H. Bruce Humberstone)
Charlie Chan’s Secret (Gordon Wiles)
The Devil Is a Sissy (W.S. Van Dyke)
Dracula’s Daughter (Lambert Hillyer)
The Gay Desperado (Rouben Mamoulian)
The General Died at Dawn (Lewis Milestone)
Sutter’s Gold (James Cruze)


The 39 Steps (Alfred Hitchcock)
Bride of Frankenstein (James Whale)
The Devil Is a Woman (Josef von Sternberg)
The Girl from the Marsh Croft (Douglas Sirk)
The Girl in the Rumor (Mikio Naruse)
A Pot Worth a Million Ryo (Sadao Yamanaka)
Ruggles of Red Gap (Leo McCarey)
Sylvia Scarlett (George Cukor)
The Wedding Night (King Vidor)

Aerograd (Aleksandr Dovzhenko)
Alice Adams (George Stevens)
Annie Oakley (George Stevens)
La bandera (Julien Duvivier)
Barbary Coast (Howard Hawks)
Becky Sharp (Rouben Mamoulian)
Black Fury (Michael Curtiz)
The Black Room (Roy William Neill)
Bonne chance! (Sacha Guitry)
Captain Blood (Michael Curtiz)
Carnival in Flanders (Jacques Feyder)
Crime and Punishment (Josef von Sternberg)
The Crime of Doctor Crespi (John H. Auer)
The Crusades (Cecil B. DeMille)
David Copperfield (George Cukor)
Divine (Max Ophuls)
Every Night at Eight (Raoul Walsh)
The Farmer Takes a Wife (Victor Fleming)
Four Hours to Kill! (Mitchell Leisen)
Gold Diggers of 1935 (Busby Berkeley)
The Good Fairy (William Wyler)
Hands Across the Table (Mitchell Leisen)
The Highway (Yu Sun)
The Informer (John Ford)
An Inn in Tokyo (Yasujiro Ozu)
Lives of a Bengal Lancer (Henry Hathaway)
Living on Velvet (Frank Borzage)
Love Me Forever (Victor Schertzinger)
Mad Love (Karl Freund)
Magnificent Obsession (John M. Stahl)
Man on the Flying Trapeze (Clyde Bruckman)
A Midsummer Night’s Dream (William Dieterle and Max Reinhardt)
Page Miss Glory (Mervyn LeRoy)
Peter Ibbetson (Henry Hathaway)
The Phantom Light (Michael Powell)
Private Worlds (Gregory La Cava)
Reckless (Victor Fleming)
The Scoundrel (Ben Hecht and Charles MacArthur)
She Married Her Boss (Gregory La Cava)
Show Them No Mercy! (George Marshall)
So Red the Rose (King Vidor)
Steamboat Round the Bend (John Ford)
Stranded (Frank Borzage)
Three Sisters With Maiden Hearts (Mikio Naruse)
Toni (Jean Renoir)
Top Hat (Mark Sandrich)
Triumph of the Will (Riefenstahl)
The Whole Town’s Talking (John Ford)
Wife! Be Like a Rose! (Mikio Naruse)

China Seas (Tay Garnett)
Mark of the Vampire (Tod Browning)

The Call of the Wild (William A. Wellman)
Charlie Chan in Egypt (Louis King)
Charlie Chan in Shanghai (James Tinling)
The Last Days of Pompeii (Ernest B. Schoedsack)


L’atalante (Jean Vigo)
The Black Cat (Edgar G. Ulmer)
It Happened One Night (Frank Capra)
Judge Priest (John Ford)
Little Man, What Now? (Frank Borzage)
Man of Aran (Robert J. Flaherty)
The Merry Widow (Ernst Lubitsch)
No Greater Glory (Frank Borzage)
Our Daily Bread (King Vidor)
The Scarlet Empress (Josef von Sternberg)
La signora di tutti (Max Ophuls)
A Story of Floating Weeds (Yasujiro Ozu)
Twentieth Century (Howard Hawks)

Angele (Marcel Pagnol)
Born to Be Bad (Lowell Sherman)
Broadway Bill (Frank Capra)
Charlie Chan in London (Eugene Forde)
Cleopatra (Cecil B. DeMille)
Crime Without Passion (Ben Hecht and Charles MacArthur)
David Harum (James Cruze)
Death Takes a Holiday (Mitchell Leisen)
A Dream Walking (Dave Fleischer)
Evergreen (Victor Saville)
Fetiche (Wladyslaw Starewicz)
Flirtation Walk (Frank Borzage)
The Gay Divorcee (Mark Sandrich)
The Goddess (Wu Yong-gang)
Le grand jeu (Jacques Feyder)
Happiness (Aleksandr Medvedkin)
Heat Lightning (Mervyn LeRoy)
Imitation of Life (John Stahl)
It’s a Gift (Norman Z. McLeod)
Liliom (Fritz Lang)
The Lost Patrol (John Ford)
Mandalay (Michael Curtiz)
Manhattan Melodrama (W. S. Van Dyke)
The Man Who Knew Too Much (Alfred Hitchcock)
Maskerade (Willi Forst)
Les misérables (Raymond Bernard)
A Modern Hero (G. W. Pabst)
Of Human Bondage (John Cromwell)
The Old Fashioned Way (William Beaudine)
One More River (James Whale)
The Private Life of Don Juan (Alexander Korda)
Queen of Sports (Sun Yu)
Le roi des Champs-Elysees (Max Nosseck)
The Scarlet Pimpernel (Harold Young)
Street Without End (Mikio Naruse)
Tarzan and His Mate (Cedric Gibbons)
The Thin Man (W. S. Van Dyke)
Three Songs of Lenin (Dziga Vertov)
Treasure Island (Victor Fleming)
Viva Villa! (Howard Hawks and Jack Conway)
You’re Telling Me! (Erle C. Kenton)

Belle of the Nineties (Leo McCarey)
Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back (Roy Del Ruth)
Four Frightened People (Cecil B. DeMille)
Murder at the Vanities (Mitchell Leisen)
The Richest Girl in the World (William A. Seiter)
Six of a Kind (Leo McCarey)

The Barretts of Wimpole Street (Sidney Franklin)
The Dragon Murder Case (H. Bruce Humberstone)
Here Is My Heart (Frank Tuttle)
Jolly Fellows (Grigori Aleksandrov)
One Night of Love (Victor Schertzinger)
Operator 13 (Richard Boleslawski)
Peck’s Bad Boy (Edward F. Cline)
Sequoia (Chester M. Franklin and Edwin L. Marin)
We Live Again (Rouben Mamoulian)


The Bitter Tea of General Yen (Frank Capra)
The Bowery (Raoul Walsh)
Counsellor at Law (William Wyler)
Design for Living (Ernst Lubitsch)
Las Hurdes (Luis Buñuel)
Man’s Castle (Frank Borzage)
Okraina (Boris Barnet)
Pilgrimage (John Ford)
The Testament of Dr. Mabuse (Fritz Lang)
Zero for Conduct (Jean Vigo)

42nd Street (Lloyd Bacon)
Alice in Wonderland (Norman Z. McLeod)
Apart From You (Mikio Naruse)
Baby Face (Alfred E. Green)
Bed of Roses (Gregory La Cava)
Blood Money (Rowland Brown)
Bombshell (Victor Fleming)
Broadway Through a Keyhole (Lowell Sherman)
The Cocktail Hour (Victor Schertzinger)
The Dancing Girl of Izu (Heinosuke Gosho)
Deserter (Vsevolod Pudovkin)
Dinner at Eight (George Cukor)
Doctor Bull (John Ford)
Don Quixote (G. W. Pabst)
Double Harness (John Cromwell)
Dragnet Girl (Yasujiro Ozu)
Ecstasy (Gustav Machatý)
Employee’s Entrance (Roy Del Ruth)
Every Night Dreams (Mikio Naruse)
Fast Workers (Tod Browning)
The Fatal Glass of Beer (Clyde Bruckman)
Footlight Parade (Lloyd Bacon)
Friday the Thirteenth (Victor Saville)
Gabriel Over the White House (Gregory La Cava)
Gallant Lady (Gregory La Cava)
Going Hollywood (Raoul Walsh)
Gold Diggers of 1933 (Mervyn LeRoy)
The Good Companions (Victor Saville)
The Great Consoler (Lev Kuleshov)
Hallelujah, I’m a Bum (Lewis Milestone)
Hard to Handle (Mervyn LeRoy)
Her First Mate (William Wyler)
Heroes for Sale (William A. Wellman)
His Double Life (Arthur Hopkins)
I Cover the Waterfront (James Cruze)
I’m No Angel (Wesley Ruggles)
The Invisible Man (James Whale)
Japanese Girls at the Harbor (Hiroshi Shimizu)
Jofroi (Marcel Pagnol)
The Kennel Murder Case (Michael Curtiz)
Ladies They Talk About (Howard Bretherton and William Keighley)
Lady for a Day (Frank Capra)
Lady Killer (Roy Del Ruth)
Liebelei (Max Ophuls)
The Little Giant (Roy Del Ruth)
Little Women (George Cukor)
La maternelle (Jean Benoit-Levy)
Midnight Mary (William A. Wellman)
Morning Glory (Lowell Sherman)
The Night on Bald Mountain (Alexander Alexeieff and Claire Parker)
Only Yesterday (John Stahl)
Passing Fancy (Yasujiro Ozu)
Penthouse (W.S. Van Dyke)
Policeman (Tomu Uchida)
The Power and the Glory (William K. Howard)
The Private Life of Henry VIII (Alexander Korda)
The Prizefighter and the Lady (W. S. Van Dyke)
Queen Christina (Rouben Mamoulian)
Reunion in Vienna (Sidney Franklin)
Sailor’s Luck (Raoul Walsh)
Snow-White (Dave Fleischer)
Sons of the Desert (William A. Seiter)
The Story of Temple Drake (Stephen Roberts)
The Stranger’s Return (King Vidor)
Tillie and Gus (Francis Martin)
To the Last Man (Henry Hathaway)
Today We Live (Howard Hawks)
Topaze (Harry d’Abbadie d’Arrast)
The Water Magician (Kenji Mizoguchi)
Wild Boys of the Road (William A. Wellman)
Woman of Tokyo (Yasujiro Ozu)
Zoo in Budapest (Rowland V. Lee)

Ex-Lady (Robert Florey)
Female (Michael Curtiz)
Mystery of the Wax Museum (Michael Curtiz)
Secrets (Frank Borzage)

Bureau of Missing Persons (Roy Del Ruth)
College Humor (Wesley Ruggles)
Deluge (Felix E. Feist)
The Eagle and the Hawk (Stuart Walker)
Hold Your Man (Sam Wood)
Murders in the Zoo (A. Edward Sutherland)
Perfect Understanding (Cyril Gardner)
The Song of Songs (Rouben Mamoulian)


Back Street (John Stahl)
Blonde Venus (Josef von Sternberg)
Boudu Saved From Drowning (Jean Renoir)
The Crowd Roars (Howard Hawks)
Freaks (Tod Browning)
I Was Born, But… (Yasujiro Ozu)
Love Me Tonight (Rouben Mamoulian)
Me and My Gal (Raoul Walsh)
La nuit du carrefour (Jean Renoir)
Scarface (Howard Hawks)
Shanghai Express (Josef von Sternberg)
Trouble in Paradise (Ernst Lubitsch)
Two Seconds (Mervyn LeRoy)
Vampyr – Der Traum des Allan Grey (Carl Theodor Dreyer)

After Tomorrow (Frank Borzage)
Air Mail (John Ford)
American Madness (Frank Capra)
L’Atlantide (G. W. Pabst)
Bird of Paradise (King Vidor)
Das blaue Licht (Leni Riefenstahl)
Boop-Oop-A-Doop ((Dave Fleischer)
Chandu the Magician (William Cameron Menzies and Marcel Varnel)
Doctor X (Michael Curtiz)
A Farewell to Arms (Frank Borzage)
Forbidden (Frank Capra)
The Greeks Had a Word for Them (Lowell Sherman)
The Half-Naked Truth (Gregory La Cava)
The Hatchet Man (William A. Wellman)
Hell’s Highway (Roland Brown)
I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang (Mervyn LeRoy)
I’ll Be Glad When You’re Dead You Rascal You (Dave Fleischer)
The Impatient Maiden (James Whale)
Island of Lost Souls (Erle C. Kenton)
Ivan (Aleksandr Dovzhenko)
Jewel Robbery (William Dieterle)
Ladies of the Jury (Lowell Sherman)
The Lost Squadron (George Archainbaud)
The Man I Killed (Ernst Lubitsch)
Marie, A Hungarian Legend (Pal Fejos)
The Mask of Fu Manchu (Charles Brabin)
Merrily We Go to Hell (Dorothy Arzner)
Million Dollar Legs (Edward F. Cline)
Minnie the Moocher (Dave Fleischer)
The Most Dangerous Game (Irving Pichel and Ernest B. Schoedsack)
Movie Crazy (Clyde Bruckman)
The Mummy (Karl Freund)
The Music Box (James Parrott)
Number 17 (Alfred Hitchcock)
The Old Dark House (James Whale)
One Hour With You (Ernst Lubitsch and George Cukor)
One Way Passage (Tay Garnett)
The Penguin Pool Murder (George Archainbaud)
Rain (Lewis Milestone)
Red Dust (Victor Fleming)
The Red Shadow (Roy Mack)Service for Ladies (Alexander Korda)
Smilin’ Through (Sidney Franklin)
Tarzan the Ape Man (W.S. Van Dyke)
Three on a Match (Mervyn LeRoy)
Tiger Shark (Howard Hawks)
Tom Brown of Culver (William Wyler)
Union Depot (Alfred E. Green)
What Price Hollywood? (George Cukor)
Where Now Are the Dreams of Youth? (Yasujiro Ozu)
While Paris Sleeps (Allan Dwan)
White Zombie (Victor Halperin)

20,000 Years in Sing Sing (Michael Curtiz)
A Bill of Divorcement (George Cukor)
Broken Lullaby (Ernst Lubitsch)
Laywer Man (William Dieterle)
Red-Headed Woman (Jack Conway)
Rich and Strange (Alfred Hitchcock)
The Sign of the Cross (Cecil B. De Mille)

The Beast of the City (Charles Brabin)
Murders in the Rue Morgue (Robert Florey)
Payment Deferred (Lothar Mendes)


An American Tragedy (Josef von Sternberg)
La chienne (Jean Renoir)
City Lights (Charlie Chaplin)
Dishonored (Josef von Sternberg)
Enthusiasm (Dziga Vertov)
Kameradschaft (G.W. Pabst)
Limite (Mario Peixoto)
M (Fritz Lang)
The Smiling Lieutenant (Ernst Lubitsch)
The Struggle (D. W. Griffith)
Tabu: A Story of the South Seas (F.W. Murnau)
Tokyo Chorus (Yasujiro Ozu)
Waterloo Bridge (James Whale)
The Yellow Ticket (Raoul Walsh)

Anna Christie (Jacques Feyder)
À nous la liberté (René Clair)
Bachelor Apartment (Lowell Sherman)
Bad Girl (Frank Borzage)
Blonde Crazy (Roy del Ruth)
The Champ (King Vidor)
Chances (Allan Dwan)
City Streets (Rouben Mamoulian)
Corsair (Roland West)
The Criminal Code (Howard Hawks)
Dirigible (Frank Capra)
Dracula (Tod Browning)
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Rouben Mamoulian)
Five and Ten (Robert Z. Leonard)
Five Star Final (Mervyn LeRoy)
Flunky, Work Hard! (Mikio Naruse)
Frankenstein (James Whale)
Friends and Lovers (Victor Schertzinger)
The Front Page (Lewis Milestone)
High Stakes (Lowell Sherman)
Girls About Town (George Cukor)
A House Divided (William Wyler)
The Last Flight (William Dieterle)
Little Caesar (Mervyn LeRoy)
Maedchen in Uniform (Leontine Sagan)
The Maltese Falcon (Roy Del Ruth)
Marius (Alexander Korda)
Le million (René Clair)
The Miracle Woman (Frank Capra)
Night Nurse (William A. Wellman)
Other Men’s Women (William A. Wellman)
Parlor, Bedroom and Bath (Edward Sedgwick)
Philips Radio (Joris Ivens)
Platinum Blonde (Frank Capra)
Possessed (Clarence Brown)
Private Lives (Sidney Franklin)
The Public Enemy (William A. Wellman)
Quick Millions (Rowland V. Brown)
The Royal Bed (Lowell Sherman)
Safe in Hell (William A. Wellman)
Seas Beneath (John Ford)
Smart Money (Alfred E. Green)
A Spray of Plum Blossoms (Wancang Bu)
The Squaw Man (Cecil B. DeMille)
Star Witness (William A. Wellman)
Street Scene (King Vidor)
Strictly Dishonorable (John M. Stahl)
Taris, roi de l’eau (Jean Vigo)
Tarnished Lady (George Cukor)
The Threepenny Opera (G.W. Pabst)
Three Who Loved (George Archainbaud)
Tonight or Never (Mervyn LeRoy)
Trader Horn (W.S. Van Dyke)
The Woman Between (Victor Schertzinger)

Arrowsmith (John Ford)
Indiscreet (Leo McCarey)
Inspiration (Clarence Brown)
Iron Man (Tod Browning)
The Skin Game (Alfred Hitchcock)

Behind Office Doors (Melville Brown)
The Black Camel (Hamilton MacFadden)
Cimarron (Wesley Ruggles)
Dance, Fools, Dance (Harry Beaumont)
Mata Hari (George Fitzmaurice)
Svengali (Archie Mayo)


Abraham Lincoln (D.W. Griffith)
L’age d’or (Luis Buñuel)
The Big Trail (Raoul Walsh)
The Blood of a Poet (Jean Cocteau)
The Blue Angel (Josef von Sternberg)
City Girl (F. W. Murnau)
Earth (Alexander Dovzhenko)
Monte Carlo (Ernst Lubitsch)
Morocco (Josef von Sternberg)

À propos de Nice (Jean Vigo)
Anna Christie (Clarence Brown)
Au bonheur des dames (Julien Duvivier)
The Bat Whispers (Roland West)
Billy the Kid (King Vidor)
The Dawn Patrol (Howard Hawks)
The Devil to Pay! (George Fitzmaurice)
Farewell (Robert Siodmak)
Feet First (Clyde Bruckman)
Hell’s Angels (Howard Hughes)
Hell’s Heroes (William Wyler)
Her Man (Tay Garnett)
Holiday (Edward H. Griffith)
I Flunked, But… (Yasujiro Ozu)
King of Jazz (John Murray Anderson)
Ladies of Leisure (Frank Capra)
Laughter (Harry d’Abbadie d’Arrast)
Liliom (Frank Borzage)
Madam Satan (Cecil B. DeMille)
Man to Man (Allan Dwan)
Men Without Women (John Ford)
Murder! (Alfred Hitchcock)
Part-Time Wife (Leo McCarey)
La petite lise (Jean Gremillon)
Raffles (George Fitzmaurice)
Rain or Shine (Frank Capra)
Redemption (Fred Niblo)
Romance (Clarence Brown)
The Royal Family of Broadway (George Cukor and Cyril Gardner)
Salt for Svanetia (Mikhail Kalatozov)
Sous les toits de Paris (René Clair)
The Story of the Fox (Irene and Wladyslaw Starewicz)
That Night’s Wife (Yasujiro Ozu)
Up the River (John Ford)
Westfront 1918 (G. W. Pabst)
Whoopee! (Thornton Freeland)

Born Reckless (Andrew Bennison and John Ford)
The Divorcee (Robert Z. Leonard)

The Big House (George W. Hill)
The Cuckoos (Paul Sloane)
The Florodora Girl (Harry Beaumont)
Follow Thru (Lloyd Corrigan and Laurence Schwab)
Good News (Nick Grinde)
Manslaughter (George Abbott)
Paid (Sam Wood)
Show Girl in Hollywood (Mervyn LeRoy)
The Silver Horde (George Archainbaud)
Sinners’ Holiday (John G. Adolfi)

Murder! (Alfred Hitchcock)