Rio Bravo (Howard Hawks)


The 400 Blows (Francois Truffaut)
Anatomy of a Murder (Otto Preminger)
The Crimson Kimono (Samuel Fuller)
Day of the Outlaw (Andre de Toth)
Fires on the Plain (Kon Ichikawa)
Floating Weeds (Yasujiro Ozu)
Il generale della Rovere (Roberto Rossellini)
Hiroshima, mon amour (Alain Resnais)
The Horse Soldiers (John Ford)
Imitation of Life (Douglas Sirk)
India: Matri Bhumi (Roberto Rossellini)
The Indian Tomb (Fritz Lang)
Nazarin (Luis Bunuel)
North by Northwest (Alfred Hitchcock)
Ohayo (Yasujiro Ozu)
Pickpocket (Robert Bresson)
Picnic on the Grass (Jean Renoir)
Ride Lonesome (Budd Boetticher)
Rio Bravo (Howard Hawks)
Le testament du Docteur Cordelier (Jean Renoir)
La Tete contre les murs (Georges Franju)
The Tiger Of Eschnapur (Fritz Lang)
Verboten! (Samuel Fuller)

–30– (Jack Webb)
Ask Any Girl (Charles Walters)
Ballad of a Soldier (Grigori Chukhrai)
Black Orpheus (Marcel Camus)
Blessings of the Land (Manuel Silos)
Blind Date (Joseph Losey)
The Bridge (Bernhard Wicki)
A Bucket of Blood (Roger Corman)
Chikamatsu’s Love in Osaka (Tomu Uchida)
Compulsion (Richard Fleischer)
Les cousins (Claude Chabrol)
Desperado Outpost (Kihachi Okamoto)
Deux Hommes dans Manhattan (Jean-Pierre Melville)
Edge of Eternity (Don Siegel)
Face of a Fugitive (Paul Wendkos)
The Hanging Tree (Delmer Daves)
The Hound of the Baskervilles (Terence Fisher)
The Human Condition, Part I: No Greater Love (Masaki Kobayashi)
The Human Condition, Part II: The Road to Eternity (Masaki Kobayashi)
I’m All Right Jack (John Boulting)
Kapo (Gillo Pontecorvo)
Les liasons dangereuses (Roger Vadim)
The Letter that Wasn’t Sent (Mikhail Kalatozov)
The Mouse That Roared (Jack Arnold)
Night Train (Jerzy Kawalerowicz)
No Name on the Bullet (Jack Arnold)
Odd Obsession (Kon Ichikawa)
Operation Petticoat (Blake Edwards)
Poem Of The Sea (Alexander Dovzhenko/Julia Solntesva)
Porgy and Bess (Otto Preminger)
Pork Chop Hill (Lewis Milestone)
The Scarface Mob (Phil Karlson)
Shadows (John Cassavetes)
The Sign of the Lion (Eric Rohmer)
Une simple histoire (Marcel Harnoun)
Stars (Konrad Wolf)
Suddenly, Last Summer (Joseph L. Mankiewicz)
Terror is a Man (Gerardo de Leon)
These Thousand Hills (Richard Fleischer)
Timbuktu (Jacques Tourneur)
Tous les garcons s’appellent Patrick (Jean-Luc Godard)
Train Without a Timetable (Veljko Bulajic)
Westbound (Budd Boetticher)
When Angels Fall (Roman Polanski)
The World of Apu (Satyajit Ray)

The Angry Hills (Robert Aldrich)
Ten Seconds to Hell (Robert Aldrich)
Warlock (Edward Dmytryk)

Expresso Bongo (Val Guest)
Gidget (Paul Wendkos)


Bonjour tristesse (Otto Preminger)
The Fountain of Youth (Orson Welles)
The Hidden Fortress (Akira Kurosawa)
Ivan the Terrible, Part II (Sergei Eisenstein)
The Last Hurrah (John Ford)
Man of the West (Anthony Mann)
Moi, un Noir (Jean Rouch)
A Movie (Bruce Conner)
Mon oncle (Jacques Tati)
Party Girl (Nicholas Ray)
Schwechater (Peter Kubelka)
Some Came Running (Vincente Minnelli)
The Tarnished Angels (Douglas Sirk)
Terror in a Texas Town (Joseph H. Lewis)
Touch of Evil (Orson Welles)
Vertigo (Alfred Hitchcock)
Une Vie (Alexandre Astruc)
Wind Across the Everglades (Nicholas Ray)

Ajantrik (Pathetic Fallacy) (Ritwik Ghatak)
Les Amants (Louis Malle)
Appalachian Spring (Nathan Kroll)
Ashes and Diamonds (Andrzej Wajda)
Le beau Serge (Claude Chabrol)
Big Deal on Madonna Street (Mario Monicelli)
Brink of Life (Ingmar Bergman)
Buchanan Rides Alone (Budd Boetticher)
Cairo Station (Youssef Chahine)
Le chant du Styrène (Alain Resnais)
The Chase (Yoshitaro Nomura)
China Doll (Frank Borzage)
Du cote de la Cote (Agnes Varda)
L’eau vive (Francois Villiers)
Elevator to the Gallows (Louis Malle)
Equinox Flower (Yasujiro Ozu)
Enjo (Kon Ichikawa)
Fort Dobbs (Gordon Douglas)
From Hell to Texas (Henry Hathaway)
Giants and Toys (Yasuzo Masumura)
Gideon’s Day, or Gideon of Scotland Yard (John Ford)
God’s Little Acre (Anthony Mann)
Gunman’s Walk (Phil Karlson)
The Gun Runners (Don Siegel)
The Gypsy and the Gentleman (Joseph Losey)
Horror of Dracula (Terence Fisher)
The Horse’s Mouth (Ronald Neame)
Indiscreet (Stanley Donen)
It Happened in Broad Daylight (Ladislao Vajda)
It! The Terror from Beyond Space (Edward L. Cahn)
The Lineup (Don Siegel)
The Magician (Ingmar Bergman)
Machine-Gun Kelly (Roger Corman)
Montparnasse 19 (Jacques Becker)
Murder by Contract (Irving Lerner)
The Music Room (Satyajit Ray)
The Naked and the Dead (Raoul Walsh)
Night Drum (Tadashi Imai)
A Night to Remember (Roy Baker)
La premiere nuit (Georges Franju)
The Quiet American (Joseph L. Mankiewicz)
Rally ‘Round the Flag, Boys! (Leo McCarey)
The Reluctant Debutante (Vincente Minnelli)
Les Rendez-vous du diable (Haroun Tazieff)
Rock-a-Bye Baby (Frank Tashlin)
The Roots of Heaven (John Huston)
The Straw Man (Pietro Germi)
Summer Clouds (Mikio Naruse)
Le Temps des oeufs durs (Norbert Carbonnaux)
Thunder Road (Arthur D. Ripley)
A Time to Love and a Time to Die (Douglas Sirk)
The Two-Headed Spy (Andre de Toth)
Two Men and a Wardrobe (Roman Polanski)
Veronique et son cancre (Eric Rohmer)
The Vikings (Richard Fleischer)

The Sheriff of Fractured Jaw (Raoul Walsh)

The Fabulous World of Jules Verne (Karel Zeman)
Gigi (Vincente Minnelli)
I Married a Monster from Outer Space (Gene Fowler Jr.)


An Affair to Remember (Leo McCarey)
Band of Angels (Raoul Walsh)
Bitter Victory (Nicholas Ray)
Funny Face (Stanley Donen)
Ill Met by Moonlight (Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger)
A King in New York (Charles Chaplin)
Men in War (Anthony Mann)
Nightfall (Jacques Tourneur)
Nights of Cabiria (Federico Fellini)
Paths of Glory (Stanley Kubrick)
Sweet Smell of Success (Alexander Mackendrick)
The Tall T (Budd Boetticher)
The Tin Star (Anthony Mann)
Throne of Blood (Akira Kurosawa)
Time Without Pity (Joseph Losey)
Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? (Frank Tashlin)

3:10 to Yuma (Delmer Daves)
All at Sea (Charles Frend)
Baby Face Nelson (Don Siegel)
Battle Hymn (Douglas Sirk)
The Burglar (Paul Wendkos)
La casa del angel (Leopoldo Torre Nilsson)
China Gate (Samuel Fuller)
The Cranes are Flying (Mikhael Kalatozov)
Crime of Passion (Gerd Oswald)
Decision at Sundown (Budd Boetticher)
Designing Woman (Vincente Minnelli)
The D.I. (Jack Webb)
A Face in the Crowd (Elia Kazan)
Forty Guns (Samuel Fuller)
Il grido (Michelangelo Antonioni)
The Halliday Brand (Joseph H. Lewis)
Hell Drivers (Cy Endfield)
The Incredible Shrinking Man (Jack Arnold)
Jamestown Baloos (Robert Breer)
Jet Pilot (Josef von Sternberg)
Joe Dakota (Richard Bartlett)
Kanal (Andrzej Wajda)
Kisses (Yasuzo Masumura)
Les Girls (George Cukor)
Letter From Siberia (Chris Marker)
Love in the Afternoon (Billy Wilder)
The Lower Depths (Akira Kurosawa)
A Man and His Dog Out for Air (Robert Breer)
Man on the Tracks (Andrzej Munk)
Mister Cory (Blake Edwards)
Les mistons (Francois Truffaut)
Night of the Demon (Jacques Tourneur)
On This Earth (Kimisaburo Yoshimura)
The Pajama Game (Stanley Donen and George Abbott)
Pyaasa (Guru Dutt)
The Rising of the Moon (John Ford)
The River’s Edge (Allan Dwan)
Run of the Arrow (Samuel Fuller)
Sait-on jamais… (Roger Vadim)
Saint Joan (Otto Preminger)
Slim Carter (Richard Bartlett)
Snow Country (Shiro Toyoda)
Tokyo Twilight (Yasujiro Ozu)
Les Trois font la paire (Sacha Guitry)
Trooper Hook (Charles Marquis Warren)
The True Story of Jesse James (Nicholas Ray)
Untamed (Mikio Naruse)
White Nights (Luchino Visconti)
The Wings of Eagles (John Ford)
Yellow Crow (Heinosuke Gosho)

Fury at Showdown (Gerd Oswald)
Monkey on My Back (Andre de Toth)
Wild Is the Wind (George Cukor)

The Abominable Snowman (Val Guest)
Les aventures d’Arsene Lupin (Jacques Becker)
The Curse of Frankenstein (Terence Fisher)
Edge of the City (Martin Ritt)
Fear Strikes Out (Robert Mulligan)
Legend of the Lost (Henry Hathaway)
A Matter of Dignity (Mihalis Kakogiannis)
Operation Mad Ball (Richard Quine)
Quatermass 2 (Val Guest)
Silk Stockings (Rouben Mamoulian)


Attack! (Robert Aldrich)
Beyond A Reasonable Doubt (Fritz Lang)
Bigger Than Life (Nicholas Ray)
The Burmese Harp (Kon Ichikawa)
Early Spring (Yasujiro Ozu)
Flowing (Mikio Naruse)
The Girl Can’t Help It (Frank Tashlin)
Hollywood or Bust (Frank Tashlin)
Invasion of the Body Snatchers (Don Siegel)
A Man Escaped (Robert Bresson)
The Man Who Knew Too Much (Alfred Hitchcock)
The Searchers (John Ford)
Seven Men from Now (Budd Boetticher)
There’s Always Tomorrow (Douglas Sirk)
While the City Sleeps (Fritz Lang)
A Wife’s Heart (Mikio Naruse)
Written on the Wind (Douglas Sirk)
The Wrong Man (Alfred Hitchcock)

23 Paces to Baker Street (Henry Hathaway)
7th Cavalry (Joseph H. Lewis)
Anak Dalita (Lamberto V. Avellana)
Aparajito (Satyajit Ray)
Backlash (John Sturges)
Bandido (Richard Fleischer)
The Battle of the River Plate (Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger)
Bhowani Junction (George Cukor)
Bob le flambeur (Jean-Pierre Melville)
Crazed Fruit (Ko Nakahira)
Elena et les hommes (Jean Renoir)
Finger of Guilt (Joseph Losey)
The Forbidden Planet (Fred M. Wilcox)
Great Day in the Morning (Jacques Tourneur)
Hold Back the Night (Allan Dwan)
Hot Blood (Nicholas Ray)
I’ll Buy You (Masaki Kobayashi)
Jubal (Delmer Daves)
The King and Four Queens (Raoul Walsh)
The Killer is Loose (Budd Boetticher)
A Kiss Before Dying (Gerd Oswald)
The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit (Nunnally Johnson)
The Man Who Never Was (Ronald Neame)
The Mystery of Picasso (Henri-Georges Clouzot)
The Painter and the City (Manoel de Oliveira)
Patterns (Fielder Cook)
The Railroad Man (Pietro Germi)
The Revolt of Mamie Stover (Raoul Walsh)
The Roof (Vittorio De Sica)
The Silent World (Louis Malle)
Slightly Scarlet (Allan Dwan)
Street of Shame (Kenji Mizoguchi)
Sudden Rain (Mikio Naruse)
Tea and Sympathy (Vincente Minnelli)
The Ten Commandments (Cecil B. DeMille)
Tension at Table Rock (Charles Marquis Warren)
Toute la mémoire du monde (Alain Resnais)
Trapeze (Carol Reed)
War and Peace (King Vidor)

Between Heaven and Hell (Richard Fleischer)
Giant (George Stevens)
Serenade (Anthony Mann)

Baby Doll (Elia Kazan)
Bus Stop (Joshua Logan)
The Harder They Fall (Mark Robson)
High Society (Charles Walters)
The Last Wagon (Delmer Daves)
Lust for Life (Vincente Minnelli)
Moby Dick (John Huston)
Somebody Up There Likes Me (Robert Wise)


All That Heaven Allows (Douglas Sirk)
Artists and Models (Frank Tashlin)
The Big Combo (Joseph H. Lewis)
The Cobweb (Vincente Minnelli)
Confidential Report (Orson Welles)
The Criminal Life Of Archibaldo De La Cruz (Luis Bunuel)
Floating Clouds (Mikio Naruse)
Kiss Me Deadly (Robert Aldrich)
Land of the Pharaohs (Howard Hawks)
Lola Montes (Max Ophüls)
The Long Gray Line (John Ford)
The Man from Laramie (Anthony Mann)
New Tales of the Taira Clan (Kenji Mizoguchi)
Night and Fog (Alain Resnais)
The Night of the Hunter (Charles Laughton)
One Froggy Evening (Chuck Jones)
Ordet (Carl Theodor Dreyer)
Pather Panchali (Satyajit Ray)
The Phenix City Story (Phil Karlson)
Princess Yang Kwei Fei (Kenji Mizoguchi)
Rebel without a Cause (Nicholas Ray)
Revenge (Alfred Hitchcock) [episode, Alfred Hitchcock Presents]
Wichita (Jacques Tourneur)

Le amiche (Michelangelo Antonioni)
Bad Day at Black Rock (John Sturges)
Battle Cry (Raoul Walsh)
The Big Knife (Robert Aldrich)
Captain Lightfoot (Douglas Sirk)
The Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell (Otto Preminger)
Daddy Long Legs (Jean Negulesco)
Death of a Cyclist (Juan Antonio Bardem)
Dementia (John Parker)
Diabolique (Henri-Georges Clouzot)
Dreams (Ingmar Bergman)
The Eddy Duchin Story (George Sidney)
The Girl in the Red Velvet Swing (Richard Fleischer)
Les grandes manoeuvres (Rene Clair)
Guys and Dolls (Joseph L. Mankiewicz)
A Hole of My Own Making (Tomu Uchida)
House of Bamboo (Samuel Fuller)
I Live in Fear (Akira Kurosawa)
The Ladykillers (Alexander Mackendrick)
The Last Frontier (Anthony Mann)
A Lawless Street (Joseph H. Lewis)
Love Me or Leave Me (Charles Vidor)
Les maîtres fous (Jean Rouch)
Man Without a Star (King Vidor)
The Man with the Golden Arm (Otto Preminger)
Marital Relations (Shiro Toyoda)
Les mauvais tecontres (Alexandre Astruc)
Moonfleet (Fritz Lang)
Murder is My Beat (Edgar G. Ulmer)
My Sister Eileen (Richard Quine)
La Pointe-Courte (Agnès Varda)
Rififi (Jules Dassin)
The River and Death (Luis Bunuel)
Run for Cover (Nicholas Ray)
Sanda Wong (Gerardo de Leon)
Smiles of a Summer Night (Ingmar Bergman)
Stranger on Horseback (Jacques Tourneur)
The Tall Men (Raoul Walsh)
The Tender Trap (Charles Walters)
Tennessee’s Partner (Allan Dwan)
That Is the Dawn (Luis Bunuel)
Tight Spot (Phil Karlson)
To Catch a Thief (Alfred Hitchcock)
The Trouble with Harry (Alfred Hitchcock)
Violent Saturday (Richard Fleischer)
The Wonder Ring (Stan Brakhage)

Footsteps in the Fog (Arthur Lubin)
Shack Out on 101 (Edward Dein)


Carmen Jones (Otto Preminger)
Drive a Crooked Road (Richard Quine)
French Can Can (Jean Renoir)
Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome (Kenneth Anger)
Johnny Guitar (Nicholas Ray)
Late Chrysanthemums (Mikio Naruse)
Magnificent Obsession (Douglas Sirk)
The Raid (Hugo Fregonese)
Rear Window (Alfred Hitchcock)
Sansho the Bailiff (Kenji Mizoguchi)
Seven Samurai (Akira Kurosawa)
A Star is Born (George Cukor)
La strada (Federico Fellini)
Touchez pas au grisbi (Jacques Becker)
Voyage To Italy (Roberto Rossellini)

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (Richard Fleischer)
The Adventures of Hajji Baba (Don Weis)
The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe (Luis Bunuel)
The Barefoot Contessa (Joseph L. Mankiewicz)
The Beach (Alberto Lattuada)
Black Tuesday (Hugo Fregonese)
Boot Polish (Prakash Arora)
The Bounty Hunter (Andre de Toth)
Cattle Queen of Montana (Allan Dwan)
Chikamatsu monogatari (Kenji Mizoguchi)
Creature From the Black Lagoon (Jack Arnold)
Crime Wave (André De Toth)
Days of Love (Giuseppe de Santis)
Dial M for Murder (Alfred Hitchcock)
Dov’è la libertà…? (Roberto Rossellini)
Dragnet (Jack Webb)
Executive Suite (Robert Wise)
The Far Country (Anthony Mann)
Father Brown (Robert Hamer)
Four Guns to the Border (Richard Carlson)
Hell and High Water (Samuel Fuller)
Hell’s Half Acre (John H. Auer)
Human Desire (Fritz Lang)
Gojira (Ishiro Honda) [original version]
Illusion Travels by Streetcar (Luis Bunuel)
It Should Happen to You (George Cukor)
Joan of Arc (Roberto Rossellini)
Karin Mansdotter (Alf Sjoberg)
A Lesson in Love (Ingmar Bergman)
La paura (Roberto Rossellini)
Private Hell 36 (Don Siegel)
The Purple Plain (Robert Parrish)
Pushover (Richard Quine)
Riding Shotgun (André De Toth)
Riot in Cell Block 11 (Don Siegel)
River of No Return (Otto Preminger)
Le Rouge et le Noir (Claude Autant-Lara)
Salt of the Earth (Herbert Biberman)
Saskatchewan (Raoul Walsh)
Senso (Luchino Visconti)
Silver Lode (Allan Dwan)
Sound of the Mountain (Mikio Naruse)
Suddenly (Lewis Allen)
Them! (Gordon Douglas)
They Rode West (Phil Karlson)
Tiefland (Leni Riefenstahl)
Track of the Cat (William A. Wellman)
Twenty-Four Eyes (Keisuke Kinoshita)
Vera Cruz (Robert Aldrich)
The Woman in the Rumor (Kenji Mizoguchi)
Wuthering Heights (Luis Bunuel)
Young at Heart (Gordon Douglas)

Apache (Robert Aldrich)
Brigadoon (Vincente Minnelli)
The Glenn Miller Story (Anthony Mann)
Sabrina (Billy Wilder)
Sign of the Pagan (Douglas Sirk)
Taza, Son of Cochise (Douglas Sirk)
Three Coins in the Fountain (Jean Negulesco)

Demetrius and the Gladiators (Delmer Daves)


All I Desire (Douglas Sirk)
The Band Wagon (Vincente Minnelli)
The Big Heat (Fritz Lang)
City That Never Sleeps (John H. Auer)
Duck Amuck (Chuck Jones)
The Earrings of Madame de… (Max Ophüls)
El (Luis Bunuel)
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (Howard Hawks)
Glen or Glenda? (Edward D. Wood, Jr.)
I Confess (Alfred Hitchcock)
I Love Melvin (Don Weis)
Last of the Comanches (Andre De Toth)
The Naked Spur (Anthony Mann)
Older Brother, Younger Sister (Mikio Naruse)
Pickup on South Street (Samuel Fuller)
The Saga of Anatahan (Josef von Sternberg)
The Sun Shines Bright (John Ford)
Tokyo Story (Yasujiro Ozu)
Ugetsu monogatari (Kenji Mizoguchi)
Les vacances de Monsieur Hulot (Jacques Tati)
The Wages of Fear (Henri-Georges Clouzot)
Where Chimneys are Seen (Heinosuke Gosho)
Wife (Mikio Naruse)

The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T (Roy Rowland)
99 River Street (Phil Karlson)
The Actress (George Cukor)
L’amour d’une femme (Jean Gremillon)
Barabbas (Alf Sjoberg)
Beat the Devil (John Huston)
The Bigamist (Ida Lupino)
Blowing Wild (Hugo Fregonese)
The Blue Gardenia (Fritz Lang)
El bruto (Luis Bunuel)
The Captain’s Paradise (Anthony Kimmins)
The Charge at Feather River (Gordon Douglas)
The Cruel Sea (Charles Frend)
Dangerous When Wet (Charles Walters)
Duck Dodgers in the 24½th Century (Chuck Jones)
Escape from Fort Bravo (John Sturges)
A Geisha (Kenji Mizoguchi)
Genevieve (Henry Cornelius)
Gun Fury (Raoul Walsh)
The Hitch-Hiker (Ida Lupino)
House of Wax (Andre De Toth)
How to Marry a Millionaire (Jean Negulesco)
Husband and Wife (Mikio Naruse)
Inferno (Roy Ward Baker)
Island in the Sky (William A. Wellman)
Kiss Me Kate (George Sidney)
The Lady Without Camelias (Michelangelo Antonioni)
The Lawless Breed (Raoul Walsh)
A Lion Is in the Street (Raoul Walsh)
The Little Fugitive (Morris Engel)
The Long, Long Trailer (Vincente Minnelli)
The Man From the Alamo (Budd Boetticher)
Mogambo (John Ford)
The Moon Is Blue (Otto Preminger)
Niagara (Henry Hathaway)
Sawdust And Tinsel (Ingmar Bergman)
Seminole (Budd Boetticher)
Statues Also Die (Chris Marker and Alain Resnais)
The Story of Three Loves (Vincente Minnelli and Gottfried Reinhardt)
Summer with Monika (Bergman)
Take Me to Town (Douglas Sirk)
Thunder Bay (Anthony Mann)
Thunder Over the Plains (Andre de Toth)
I vinti (Michelangelo Antonioni)
Wild Geese (Shiro Toyoda)

Appointment in Honduras (Jacques Tourneur)
City Beneath the Sea (Budd Boetticher)
Counting the Hours (Don Siegel)
Cry of the Hunted (Joseph H. Lewis)
Invaders from Mars (William Cameron Menzies)
It Came from Outer Space (Jack Arnold)
Meet Me at the Fair (Douglas Sirk)
Julius Caesar (Joseph L. Mankiewicz)
The Stranger Wore a Gun (André De Toth)

Battle Circus (Richard Brooks)
Bread, Love and Dreams (Luigi Comencini)
The Glass Web (Jack Arnold)
The Man Between (Carol Reed)
Roman Holiday (William Wyler)
Titanic (Jean Negulesco)
When You Read This Letter (Jean-Pierre Melville)


Angel Face (Otto Preminger)
Bend of the River (Anthony Mann)
The Big Sky (Howard Hawks)
Casque d’or (Jacques Becker)
Europa 51 (Roberto Rossellini)
Feed the Kitty (Chuck Jones)
The Golden Coach (Jean Renoir)
Ikiru (Akira Kurosawa)
The Life of Oharu (Kenji Mizoguchi)
Lightning (Mikio Naruse)
Limelight (Charles Chaplin)
The Lusty Men (Nicholas Ray)
The Marrying Kind (George Cukor)
My Son John (Leo McCarey)
The Narrow Margin (Richard Fleischer)
No Room for the Groom (Douglas Sirk)
On Dangerous Ground (Nicholas Ray)
Othello (Orson Welles)
Park Row (Samuel Fuller)
Le plaisir (Max Ophuls)
The Quiet Man (John Ford)
Ruby Gentry (King Vidor)
Singin’ in the Rain (Stanley Donen and Gene Kelly)
Umberto D. (Vittorio De Sica)

5 Fingers (Joseph L. Mankiewicz)
The Bad and the Beautiful (Vincente Minnelli)
Carrie (William Wyler)
Carson City (Andre De Toth)
The Cimarron Kid (Budd Boetticher)
Clash by Night (Fritz Lang)
Cry, the Beloved Country (Zoltan Korda)
Flavor of Green Tea Over Rice (Yasujiro Ozu)
Has Anybody Seen My Gal? (Douglas Sirk)
Hellgate (Charles Marquis Warren)
Hotel des Invalides (Georges Franju)
Kansas City Confidential (Phil Karlson)
Magical Maestro (Tex Avery)
Mexican Bus Ride (Luis Bunuel)
Monkey Business (Howard Hawks)
Mother (Mikio Naruse)
Neighbours (Norman McLaren)
Outcast of the Islands (Carol Reed)
Pat and Mike (George Cukor)
Python in the Old Dome (Gerardo de Leon)
Rabbit Seasoning (Chuck Jones)
Rancho Notorious (Fritz Lang)
Red Ball Express (Budd Boetticher)
Retreat, Hell! (Joseph H. Lewis)
Rome 11 O’Clock (Giuseppe De Santis)
Scandal Sheet (Phil Karlson)
The Snows of Kilimanjaro (Henry King)
Son of Paleface (Frank Tashlin)
Springfield Rifle (André De Toth)
Les statues meurent aussi (Chris Marker and Alain Resnais)
Venom and Eternity (Jean-Isadore Isou)
Wait Till the Sun Shines, Nellie (Henry King)
Way of a Gaucho (Jacques Tourneur)
What Price Glory? (John Ford)
The White Sheik (Federico Fellini)
Wife for a Night (Mario Camerini)
The World in His Arms (Raoul Walsh)
The Youth of Chopin (Aleksander Ford)

Blackbeard, the Pirate (Raoul Walsh)
The Greatest Show on Earth (Cecil B. DeMille)
Horizons West (Budd Boetticher)
Macao (Josef Von Sternberg and Nicholas Ray)

The Machine That Kills Bad People (Roberto Rossellini)
The Sniper (Edward Dmytryk)
The Sound Barrier (David Lean)


Ace in the Hole (Billy Wilder)
Diary of a Country Priest (Robert Bresson)
Early Summer (Yasujiro Ozu)
Fixed Bayonets! (Samuel Fuller)
The Man in the White Suit (Alexander Mackendrick)
Miss Julie (Alf Sjoberg)
La poison (Sacha Guitry)
The Prowler (Joseph Losey)
Repast (Mikio Naruse)
The River (Jean Renoir)
The Steel Helmet (Samuel Fuller)
Strangers on a Train (Alfred Hitchcock)
The Thing From Another World (Howard Hawks and Christian Nyby)

The 13th Letter (Otto Preminger)
Along the Great Divide (Raoul Walsh)
Anne of the Indies (Jacques Tourneur)
Apache Drums (Hugo Fregonese)
Appointment With Danger (Lewis Allen)
Awaara (Raj Kapoor)
Bellissima (Luchino Visconti)
The Big Night (Joseph Losey)
Bullfighter and the Lady (Budd Boetticher)
Captain Horatio Hornblower R.N. (Raoul Walsh)
Cheese Chasers (Chuck Jones)
Circle of Danger (Jacques Tourneur)
Cry Danger (Robert Parrish)
Edouard et Caroline (Jacques Becker)
The Enforcer (Raoul Walsh and Bretaigne Windust)
The First Legion (Douglas Sirk)
Fourteen Hours (Henry Hathaway)
Ginza Cosmetics (Mikio Naruse)
He Ran All the Way (John Berry)
His Kind of Woman (Richard Fleischer and John Farrow)
The Idiot (Akira Kurosawa)
The Lady of Musashino (Kenji Mizoguchi)
The Lavender Hill Mob (Charles Crichton)
Little Big Horn (Charles Marquis Warren)
M (Joseph Losey)
Man in the Saddle (Andre De Toth)
Mark of the Renegade (Hugo Fregonese)
The Mob (Robert Parrish)
Miss Oyu (Kenji Mizoguchi)
Pandora and the Flying Dutchman (Albert Lewin)
The People Against O’Hara (John Sturges)
People Will Talk (Joseph L. Mankiewicz)
The Red Badge of Courage (John Huston)
Royal Wedding (Stanley Donen)
Show Boat (George Sidney)
Sisa (Gerardo de Leon)
The Sinner (Willi Forst)
Susana (Luis Bunuel)
The Tall Target (Anthony Mann)
Thunder on the Hill (Douglas Sirk)
The Well (Leo Popkin / Russell Rouse)
Westward the Women (William A. Wellman)

An American in Paris (Vincente Minnelli)
Distant Drums (Raoul Walsh)
Drums in the Deep South (William Cameron Menzies)
Father’s Little Dividend (Vincente Minnelli)
Flying Leathernecks (Nicholas Ray)
The Lady Pays Off (Douglas Sirk)
The Man from Planet X (Edgar G. Ulmer)
A Place in the Sun (George Stevens)
Presentation, or Charlotte and Her Steak (Eric Rohmer)
Rawhide (Henry Hathaway)
Week-End with Father (Douglas Sirk)

Der Verlorene (Peter Lorre)


All About Eve (Joseph L. Mankiewicz)
Un chant d’amour (Jean Genet)
Devil’s Doorway (Anthony Mann)
Francesco, giullare di Dio (Roberto Rossellini)
The Furies (Anthony Mann)
Gone to Earth (Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger)
Gun Crazy (Joseph H. Lewis)
House by the River (Fritz Lang)
In a Lonely Place (Nicholas Ray)
Los olvidados (Luis Bunuel)
Rashomon (Akira Kurosawa)
La ronde (Max Ophuls)
The Sound of Fury, or Try and Get Me! (Cy Endfield)
Stars in my Crown (Jacques Tourneur)
Story of a Love Affair (Michelangelo Antonioni)
Stromboli (Roberto Rossellini)
Sunset Blvd. (Billy Wilder)
Wagon Master (John Ford)
Winchester ’73 (Anthony Mann)

48 Hours (Gerardo de Leon)
American Guerrilla in the Philippines (Fritz Lang)
Armored Car Robbery (Richard Fleischer)
The Asphalt Jungle (John Huston)
Aventurera (Alberto Gout)
The Baron of Arizona (Samuel Fuller)
Born to Be Bad (Nicholas Ray)
Born Yesterday (George Cukor)
The Breaking Point (Michael Curtiz)
Caged (John Cromwell)
D.O.A. (Rudolph Maté)
Les enfants terribles (Jean-Pierre Melville)
Father of the Bride (Vincente Minnelli)
The File on Thelma Jordon (Robert Siodmak)
The Flame and the Arrow (Jacques Tourneur)
The Gunfighter (Henry King)
Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye (Gordon Douglas)
Lady Without a Passport (Joseph H. Lewis)
The Lawless (Joseph Losey)
A Life of Her Own (George Cukor)
The Munekata Sisters (Yasujiro Ozu)
Night and the City (Jules Dassin)
No Way Out (Joseph L. Mankiewicz)
Orphee (Jean Cocteau)
Panic in the Streets (Elia Kazan)
Premieres armes (Rene Wheeler)
Rabbit Moon (Kenneth Anger)
Rio Grande (John Ford)
Saddle Tramp (Hugo Fregonese)
Scandal (Akira Kurosawa)
Side Street (Anthony Mann)
Stage Fright (Alfred Hitchcock)
Summer Stock (Charles Walters)
To Joy (Ingmar Bergman)
When Willie Comes Marching Home (John Ford)
Where the Sidewalk Ends (Otto Preminger)

The Big Hangover (Norman Krasna)
The Elusive Pimpernel (Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger)
Mystery Submarine (Douglas Sirk)
The Next Voice You Hear… (William A. Wellman)
No Man of Her Own (Mitchell Leisen)
Outrage (Ida Lupino)
The Underworld Story (Cy Endfield)

Wagon Master (John Ford)