It’s well into February and while I originally wanted to bring in “testers” (in The Wire parlance) to play around and knock around the site to ready it for a more prime-time-ish debut, it ain’t quite time yet. My development team and I have scaled the tallest of the mountains, however – constructing the largest part of what I see as an immersive experience in viewing and recommendation management – and each peak hereafter will, in comparison, resemble the proverbial molehill. But these molehills are, for a fact, crucial to the success of my project as I’ve envisioned it. And so I got to do what I got to do.

Donations will not be rejected. While I am not destitute, and I am able/willing to cover further employment of my hugely talented team for the next few months to a time as yet undetermined, and so there are no additional fundraising drives in the offing. But if a few drachmas or shekels or whatnot happened to show up on my doorstep, I would take them in, with thanks.