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This morning, the current total is holding at $585. That number still amazes me, and I want to say thanks, once again, to everyone who’s contributed thus far.

If I can reach $1000 by 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time on January 31, the MaybeSee project will go live a few days after that. That means I’m looking for $415 to close the deal with the contractors (coding and design).

Here’s what I know. With a few exceptions who have stated their intention to donate soon, everyone who is familiar with this project right now has already donated, if they are ready, willing & able.

What I’m asking for, then, is for everyone reading this to spread the word – and encourage their friends, colleagues, followers, readers, etc. to donate.

Here’s what you do. On your Facebook or Twitter pages, give my project a big boost (here’s the pitch) and ask for the donation. I suppose from some points of view it’s kind of shameless and ask-y and whatnot, but that’s what I’ve got myself into. I want this website/web application to be just right, I don’t want to go cheap, so I need to close the deal on the $1000 (or $415 remaining), and I need your help to amplify the signal. So take to your preferred platforms or soapboxes, and help me reach my $1000 goal by February 1.

I don’t care if donations are $5 or $500. Whatever you/your buddies can manage is okay with me. I realize that with Kickstarter there’s a built-in psychology to give more for greater rewards. This is a smallish project (with huge potential), so I don’t think that’s appropriate. I’d rather believe that people will give whatever they can give, and that’s all right. Plus I don’t have any darn T-shirts or mugs or fridge magnets.

In addition, all donors will be invited to join MaybeSee when it’s ready. You’ll be the first to stress-test the concept and to help shape it for a wider cinephile audience. I’m pretty excited about that.

All right, that’s enough jawboning for today. Thanks again, and let’s crush that $415!