Hi there,

So… I expected to raise about $15 yesterday, $10 from my mom and another $5, also from my mom. Was completely flabbergasted when, by the time I turned in, contributions had put me just shy of a quarter of my $1000 goal. So, now 24 hours into this, I feel like it’s really going to happen. In other words, (1) HOLY SHIT, and (2) thank you, thank you, and thank you.

Since Kickstarters and other fundraising platforms started to make their way into the mainstream of social networking – what was that, five years ago? three? – I’ve seen a ton of campaigns come and go. I’ve contributed to a few, even though I’m really, really badly in the red (and will probably be that way for the rest of my days). I’ve seen plenty I can’t relate to, plenty that seemed well-intentioned.

And I’ve seen dozens upon dozens that my heart aches for, because I want to contribute, I fall in love with their idea, it speaks to me, etc. But I can’t and I don’t.

This quick aside is for the “that me” among you who are reading this and you’ve read my pitch and you’ve said, “Yeah, that’s the stuff.” You know, the conceptual, prehensile “me” who wants to donate with all his/her heart, but cannot. So let me talk to “that me” for a hot second:

Bless you, bless your wanting to contribute. I feel it. It’s coming on like high voltage, and I want me/you to know that if you never contribute a penny to the campaign, I still love you and you can be a part of this thing when (not if) it gets off the ground. So that’s that. Don’t feel heartache, join up with MaybeSee when it goes live and the invites get out there.

Okay, that’s that.

To those of you who can pitch in a few bucks, do it. If you want to throw in $5, make it $5. $10 is better because, uh, that’s twice as much as $5. I’ll also take $20, $30, and some of the other numbers as well. You know what? No cap. No ceiling. Nothing gets turned away. Just tap this little doohickey rightcha:

…and, with your help, this thing will become a reality. Because the truth is, while I love everyone who wants to contribute – and this is just between you and me – I love $$ contributors just a teensy bit more. 

NOTE: Hey, if I can’t fund this thing, money back. I might not need to hit the $1000 ideal, but if I simply do not get enough contributions to pay the people to do the complex coding and design required to make MaybeSee a reality, then there’s absolutely no reason at all to keep your money, and if I comprehend PayPal’s rules correctly, you get back every penny.

That’s what I’ve got for the moment.