At this point, it’s safe to say Netflix will only keep around enough “old movies” to protect its rapidly fading potential as a service for cinephiles – like a neighborhood Blockbuster Video with a handful of beat-up tapes of pre-1960 films: Casablanca here, maybe A Night at the Opera, maybe Another Thin Man. Maybe Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm.

If you’re keeping up with new films, Netflix still has a ton of value: nobody else is falling all over themselves to stream Computer ChessUpstream Color, or Blancanieves, to name a few. But if you’re one of those crackpots who needs ready access to the wide, wonderful world of movies made before Star Wars, color television, or even pictures that talk, Netflix isn’t much to look at.

So let’s run a doomsday scenario. What if Netflix decided, “To hell with cinephiles (of the Old Movies stripe), if it wasn’t made after the moon landing, we’re not interested”?

Here’s a rundown of the essential films remaining in Netflix Instant’s “old movies” catalog, starting with their earliest holdings. As always, quality control isn’t always where it should be, so…viewer beware:

1913-1914: Fantômas (Feuillade; a serial in 5 episodes), the Charlie Chaplin Collection (Chaplin)

1915: The Birth of a Nation (Griffith)

1916: Intolerance (Griffith)

1918: I Don’t Want to Be a Man (Lubitsch)

1919: The Doll (Lubitsch); Broken Blossoms (Griffith); Harakiri (Lang)

1920: Anna Boleyn (Lubitsch), Sumurun aka One Arabian Night (Lubitsch); Way Down East (Griffith)

1921: The Wildcat (Lubitsch); Orphans of the Storm (Griffith)

1922: Dr. Mabuse, der Spieler (Lang); Nosferatu (Murnau)

1923: Three Ages (Keaton); Our Hospitality (Keaton)

1924: Die Nibelungen (Siegfried and Kriemhild’s Revenge) (Lang); The Thief of Bagdad (Walsh); Sherlock Jr. (Keaton)

1925: The Battleship Potemkin (Eisenstein), Strike! (Eisenstein); Seven Chances (Keaton), Go West (Keaton); Sally of the Sawdust (Griffith)

1926: Faust (Murnau); The General (Keaton)

1927: Metropolis (Lang)

1928: Steamboat Bill Jr. (Keaton)

1929: The Iron Mask (Dwan); Man With a Movie Camera (Vertov); Woman in the Moon (Lang)

1930: L’Âge D’Or (Buñuel); Abraham Lincoln (Griffith); Earth (Dovzhenko); The Blue Angel (Sternberg)

1931: The Struggle (Griffith)

1933: The Invisible Man (Whale); Duck Soup (McCarey)

1935: The Bride of Frankenstein (Whale); First a Girl (Saville); Happiness (Medvedkin)

1937: You Only Live Once (Lang); A Star is Born (Wellman); Nothing Sacred (Wellman)

1938: The Lady Vanishes (Hitchcock)

1939: Young Mr. Lincoln (Ford)

1940: His Girl Friday (Hawks)

1941: The Lady Eve (Sturges)

1944: Double Indemnity (Wilder)

1945: Allotment Wives (Nigh); Brewster’s Millions (Dwan)

1947: The October Man (Baker); They Made Me a Fugitive (Cavalcanti)

1948: Call Northside 777 (Hathaway); Raw Deal (Anthony Mann)

1949: I Was a Male War Bride (Hawks); The Passionate Friends (Lean); Twelve O’Clock High (King)

1950: Story of a Love Affair (Antonioni); The Rocking Horse Winner (Pelissier); Highly Dangerous (Baker)

1951: People Will Talk (Mankiewicz); The Man from Planet X (Ulmer); The Desert Fox (Hathaway)

1952: Monkey Business (Hawks)

1953: 99 River Street (Karlson); How to Marry a Millionaire (Negulesco)

1954: River of No Return (Preminger); Carmen Jones (Preminger)

1955: The Big Knife (Aldrich); Daddy Long Legs (Negulesco)

1956: A Kiss Before Dying (Oswald); The Killer is Loose (Boetticher); The Brass Legend (Oswald)

1957: The River’s Edge (Dwan); Witness for the Prosecution (Wilder); Crime of Passion (Oswald)

1958: The Fearmakers (Tourneur); The Gun Runners (Siegel)

1959: Imitation of Life (Sirk)

1960: The Amazing Transparent Man (Ulmer); Beyond the Time Barrier (Ulmer); Black Sunday (Bava); Escape by Night (Rossellini); The Rat Race (Mulligan)

1961: A Woman Is a Woman (Godard); The Cat Burglar (Witney); Flame in the Streets (Baker)

1962: The Trial (Welles); Mafioso (Lattuada); The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (Ford)

1963: Night Tide (Harrington); Who’s Minding the Store? (Tashlin); Detective Bureau 2-3: Go to Hell Bastards (Suzuki)

1964: Zulu (Endfield)

1966: Black Girl (Sembene); Kill, Baby…Kill! (Bava)

1967: David Holzman’s Diary (McBride); The Young Girls of Rochefort (Demy)

1968: Rosemary’s Baby (Polanski); Once Upon a Time in the West (Leone); Mandabi (Sembene); Chronicle of Anna Magdalena Bach (Straub/Huillet)

1969: Passion of Anna (Bergman)

There you have it. If you were to watch all these, you’d clear out the major films from Dawn-of-Cinema through 1969. It ain’t much, is it?

Look at it this way: if Netflix is killing its own interest in supporting cinephilia, you can binge-watch that instead of Orange is the New Black!