Month: May 2013

Auteurist Guide to Hulu Plus

Here are some directors of note whose films are viewable on Hulu Plus’s Criterion channel. Avid home mediaphiles will note massive discrepancies between what Criterion has released on take-home-from-the-store media (laserdisc, DVD, Blu-ray) and what you can watch on Hulu Plus:

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Streamageddon: 3.8% Less Bad Than We Thought


In a purge of catalog titles so epic it caught the attention of the likes of Gothamist, et al, Netflix seemed to hollow out their library of “old movies.” Since the day before what was dubbed, variously, as “Streamageddon” and “Netflixocalypse,” I compiled a list of films, limited to directors of some renown, drawn from, approximately, the first century of cinema. I also made a list of essential/well-regarded auteurs¬†not represented on Netflix, with annotations to let you know which of Netflix’s competitors (Hulu or Warner Archive Instant) offered at least one of his or her feature films.

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Filmmakers Missing from Netflix Instant

Pretty self-explanatory. I put a little note next to the name if at least one of their features is found on Warner Archive (WA) or Hulu (H):

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Auteurist Guide to Warner Archive Instant


Warner Archive Instant is second only to Hulu in target-marketing to cinephiles. Hopefully they will continue to add more quality features – more Lang, more Joseph H. Lewis, Ford, Aldrich, and so on.

Updated 10/17 – more Tourneur, more Ford, Blake Edwards, Cukor, Minnelli, etc:

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